Supp Regs

Supp regs are the details that outline what the event is, what rules it is run to, who is running and how it will be run.

They can be found here along with an entry form – Supp Regs

Further Regs Can be found here: Further Regs

Passenger forms can be found here: Passenger Ride Entry Form

Passenger Rides will be restricted to a single session in the second half of the day and will not be open to come and try participants, come and try participants will, however, receive an approved passenger coach on request as part of their entry. This session will be run as per the CAMS Motor Sport Passenger Ride Activity (MSPRA) Policy. Information about the policy can be found here:

An Online entry can be made here – Event Entry

Alternate mobile friendly event entry can be found here but may incur a credit card surcharge: HSCCV Portal

Things to note for this event

Always read the supp regs before entering

It is a Super Sprint not a drift day, the safety of others is paramount.

The noise limit for the day is 75 dBA measureed 30 meters from the track.

A come and try component will be held and will not be timed.

A come and try participant does not require a fire extinguisher, however it is highly recommended and shall conform to Schedule H of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport.